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Facebook update

When I launched my personal Facebook page last year, I didn’t foresee what would have happened in just a few months, i.e. reaching Facebook’s 5000-friends limit.

To solve the problem, I’m launching a new page: this time it’s not a “personal” page, so it should be able to accommodate all my old friends and, hopefully, my new ones!

Everything works just the same, so if you subscribed to the old page, please switch to the new. If you are a new friend, welcome to my new Facebook page!

And starting today, you can comment on The Sugar Garden with your Facebook identity!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to The Sugar Garden’s readers!

This time I won’t be posting photos of flowers, but pastry cookies flooded with royal icing and decorated with sugarpaste butterflies and gumpaste flowers.

Those cookies are easy to bake and decorate, a great idea to keep your children busy during Easter holidays!  You just need an egg-shaped cutter, a butterfly cutter (or you could make templates) and flower-shaped cutters (plunger cutters in this case) in different sizes.

To make things easier still, you could use sugarpaste to top your cookies rather than royal icing.

To be sure that cookies won’t loose their shape while in the oven, just pop them into the fridge for 10 minutes or thereabouts before baking. Also, do not overcook them: they’re ready as soon as they get golden around the edges. Even if they look a bit soft, they’ll set in a few minutes.

Once they’ve cooled, it’s time to decorate them! Flowers, butterflies, bunnies… anything will do, as long as it’s made with love and spring colours. Believe me, you will be proud of your children’s creativity!

Beyond expectations – when dreams come true

I wonder if Fiona Cairns, when she started her home based business as a cake designer 25 years ago would ever have imagined, even in her wildest dreams,  what would happen on march the 27th 2011. If I have to make a guess I would say… no!

According to what she says in a video interview, when she got the phone call from Buckingham Palace, appointing her the Royal Wedding cake designer, it took her an effort to be able to come back to her daily schedule. I sure can believe it!

During the past years that charming lady grew her business from home-based local to nationwide, strongly asserting her presence in the luxury market. Cutting edge designs, creativity and dedication to high quality standards coupled with the support of her husband who joined the company full time in 2001 as managing director, propelled her initial project to such a (possibly unexpected) dimension.

The cake was announced to be (of course) a multi tiered one. A traditional fruit cake decorated with cream and white icing, with a strong english floral theme and elements of the Joseph Lambeth technique. During the interview Mrs. Cairns explains that flower decorations will be chosen according to the flower’s symbolism.

I thought it would be nice to share these news because it’s great to be reminded that sometimes, when we follow our dreams with passion and determination, they often take us unpredictably far.