Contest – First tier results

Although it was enrolled only on the last possible day, the Hydrangea cake received enough votes to pass on to the second tier of the “Sugar Art Contest” started by Maison Madeleine from Bologna!

Following contest rules, participants shall provide a 60-second presentational video. The video will describe the participant’s cake-designing abilities, and introduce a new cake.

Videos must be submitted to Maison Madeleine by May the 31st, and will be posted to Youtube in the “Sugar Art Contest – fase 2” channel, awaiting for votes from Facebook fans.

Prizes will be awarded by a panel of industry experts:

Mara Accettura, journalist with La Repubblica delle Donne, culture and news section
Carlo Gavaudan, manager & TV producer
Giusy Verni, cake designer
Toni Brancatisano, cake designer

Prizes awarded by the jury are final.

The contest was started for fun, and with that same idea I’m embarking in the second pahase of this wonderful adventure. But first of all I’d like to thank and embrace all those who got themselves involved in this game with me, those who voted for my cake and allowed me to keep dreaming about sugar gardens.

Click here for a complete list of phase 2 participants.

4 thoughts on “Contest – First tier results

    1. susanna Post author

      Grazie cara Francesca, condividere quello che creo con le persone che come me amano la Sugar Art è lo scopo di questo blog. E ogni volta che persone gentili come te lasciano un segno del loro passaggio e di ciò che ha suscitato in loro guardare le mie foto e leggere i post sono davvero felice di averlo iniziato!
      Un abbraccio,

  1. Deborah Freeman

    It was a treat reading and seeing the flowers you made. I am learning on my own my self but mine don’t look nearly as real as yours do. But since I recently started I have a ways to go before mine look like you can find them in someones garden. They are so beautiful and thank you for sharing. God bless

    1. Susanna Post author

      Thank you for the lovely words Deborah 🙂
      I think learning to make sugar flowers is a matter of time and practice.. and of love for the subject of course! So keep up with it and you will surely achieve beautiful results.


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