Italy’s 150th Anniversary

Today is a very special occasion: my Country’s 150th birthday. Italy is young, beautiful and blessed with a colourful personality, as many are the souls of people gathered together to build the Contry. Yet after 150 years, some consider it an unstable, irreconcilable unity, but if we all could realize that unity is what made our Country strong, any doubt would be replaced by the pride that must be strong in the bottom of every Italian’s heart. Happy birthday, Italy. Let’s get to business, now… here comes the cake!

I made a three-layer cake for this special event. Roses are there to remind of the beauty of our Country, their colours speak for themselves…
 Preparing sugar flower paste (SFP for the initiated) roses that size took quite a lot of time: about half an hour each. I made 29, I leave you the math. 
A simple cutout, again made in SFP, painted gold, to remind the Lady’s age sealed the deal.

The cake complements a themed window in a famous bookstore in Brescia’s centre, surrounded by books and waiting to be admired by passers-by.

Even if you don’t have plans for grand celebrations, fuel the love for your Country.If you’re at home today, pop into the kitchen and make a cake, decorate it with green, white and red candles, gather your loved ones and all together put the candles out, wishing all the best to Italy.

6 thoughts on “Italy’s 150th Anniversary

  1. Raffaella

    Ho visto la torta in vetrina, stava proprio bene. Non tutti i negozi hanno fatto qualcosa per l’occasione, così la libreria si distingue doppiamente. Complimenti a chi ha realizzato la torta e a chi ha avuto l’idea di commissionarla per realizzare una vetrina diversa.


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