Springtime is here!

I may be lacking in originality but what can I say, I LOVE springtime!

Especially at the very beginning, when you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin after the long wintertime, smell the scent of flowers and  see all the beautiful colors around. I feel the glory of Mother Nature and it overwhelms me each year as the first spring of my life.

I mostly cherish flowers, they make me smile. Simply admiring their beauty makes me cheerful. I think  this is the feeling that powerfully drove my will to recreate flowers with sugar, capturing their attractiveness the way Nature creates them.

The sun’s been shining in an almost cloudless blue sky since this morning, so I took some time off to take a stroll around with my camera and came home with some pictures. This is my little present for you today: real flowers. wish you all a happy springtime!

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