Welcome to the Sugar Garden

I’ve been considering this idea lately: starting a blog about sugar Art. What pushed me in this direction is the wish to share with readers, the enthusiasm and joy that arise in me whenever I think about how many beautiful things can be created out of such simple elements like sugar, eggs, flour and little more.Simple ingredients with the power to be combined into awesome works of art.

Such skills deeply belong to women – please allow me this gender proudness – all around the world. I got proof of it everyday, reading posts in the blogs I follow, or looking at pictures in flickr. Jaw-dropping cakes and creations, little jewels that I guess make the day of their creators and of those lucky enough to share all that beauty.

Cake decorating is quite an unfamiliar subject to italian pastry – except maybe for a tradition of iced cakes with middle-eastern influences surviving in southern Italy- but is quickly becoming popular. I believe italian creativity and sense for beauty will give a contribution to this fascinating art.
So here I am, looking forward to sharing my creations, hence please go on and feast your eyes. Come and see what’s going on in my Sugar Garden.

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