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  2. Florali

    Hi Susanna,
    by chance I found your website and am absolutly impressed by your sugar flowers!!!!! Amazing! Your flowers are quite as good as those by Alan Dunn! đŸ™‚

    I am very happy to have found your blog and would like to link it with a small picture on my website. Can I do that?

    Very best,
    Tina x

    1. Susanna Autore articolo

      Hi Tina,
      thank you for your nice words. I’m very glad you like my sugar flowers.
      If you wish to put a link on your website, please pick your favourite picture of flowers.
      Best wishes,
      Susanna x

  3. Nana

    WOW. Your work is amazing!!
    I’m doing cake decorating just for a few month, but I’m really interested in creating sugar flowers more and more, and your work is so inspiring. I hope I will be remotely as good as you are.
    Your flowers look so real, i even have to look twice sometimes đŸ™‚

    Best wishes

    1. Susanna Autore articolo

      Hi Nana,

      I’m so happy you find some inspiration in my sugar flowers. There is so much beauty in this world, even sugar can help emphasize it đŸ™‚
      Best wishes,

  4. Neide PatrĂ­cio

    Hi Susana,

    I happen to see one of your cakes amongst many others and just love it, so I took a look at your blog and just fell in love with your work. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations and I hope to see much much more of your awesome flowers.

    1. Susanna Autore articolo

      Hi Neide,
      muito obrigado for you comment.
      I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog. I find it is amazing getting feedback from people from all over the world sharing the same love for sugar flowers!

  5. Dolores

    Awe inspiring and simply beautiful, Suzanne!! So realistic, and after seeing the work you did this weekend with the Christmas Star, I can honestly say that I was completely convinced they were real flowers!! Amazing artistic detail!! Dolores

  6. Cinzia D'Adamo

    Sono rimasta senza parole! Pensavo di aver giĂ  visto dei fiori molto belli……. poi un sabato mattina ti accorgi di aver incontrato cio che hai visto solo in natura!!!


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