Super Mario Cake … did I mention I love videogames?

I’ve got to admit it: I’ve always had conflicting feelings towards novelty cakes. There are so many out there: some so accurate and exceptionally crafted, enough to make you go “wow!”; others made with such approximation or so awfully kitsch to leave you truly perplexed.

I believe that this has the chance to be the most insidious kind of decorated cake to produce. After all, recreating such things as a cartoon character or a 1992 Macintosh Performa or a sliced mortadella (believe me, I personally saw one and it actually looked like the real thing) is a huge challenge indeed, if you aim to get as close as possible to the original.

When I was asked to create Super Mario in cake and cupcake form, I hesitated, novelty is not my bailiwick, I thought. Giving a character the right look is a matter of little details and what about getting the right proportions without any training in human anatomy… or italian-plumber anatomy actually?

But then my lifetime passion for the beloved character prevailed.
Year after year, Mario gave me a good time peeking out from different screens, from the “previous generation” consoles hooked to the TV up to Nintendo 3DS (that’s right, I couldn’t resist and I bought it, and now I can’t wait for 3D Mario Kart), so not even trying to create an “honest” reproduction might have felt like betrayal. After all, I thought, getting my hands dirty with sugar versions of Princes Peach, Boo, Toad and Goombas could only be great fun! I took a deep breath, lighted an incense stick to Shigeru Miyamoto and the Japanese videogaming Gods, then got to work.

Believe me when I say that I got very close to giving up a couple of times during the adventure. Then almost unexpectedly, Mario materialized in my hands  with his trademark red hat and mustache, glancing at me with his friendly smile. That’s when I realized I had made it.

When my nephew, 7 years old and an impressive experience in videogaming already, goggle-eyedly told me: “That’s exactly like the real Super Mario, can I have the same cake for my birthday?” I shed my last doubts and proudly started working on Mario’s cupcakes.

13 thoughts on “Super Mario Cake … did I mention I love videogames?

  1. Tony Ruggeri

    Dirti che e’ bella e troppo riduttivo una cosa che mi ha colpito e’ la pulizia del soggetto e della complessivita’ totale del lavoro curato in ogni suo piccolo dettaglio. Complimenti un lavoro invidiabile. Ciao a presto

        1. Susanna Post author

          Ciao Giuseppe,
          per realizzare una guida sarebbe necessario preparare una nuova torta.
          Ti posso consigliare di fare una ricerca con Google, troverai molti tutorial per torte simili, anche con video.

  2. radostina konsulova

    my daughter felt in love with this cake at first sight …. pretty soon she will have a birthday and now she is nagging to have one like that 😉

    1. Susanna Post author

      Ciao Gio,
      grazie per i complimenti 🙂
      di certo non è una delle mie solite torte “fiorite”, ma ci sono davvero affezionata e devo dire che ha avuto molto successo (ho avuto parecchie richieste di replica, con e senza cupcakes).
      Sono felice che sia piaciuta anche a te!

    1. Susanna Post author

      Olá Patricia, estou muito feliz que o bolo tem inspirado você! Eu espero que você me mande uma foto para ver a sua obra! Desculpe o Português terrível 🙂

  3. Yanina

    The cake and cupcakes are just amazing, love the details and colors! I’d be very happy if you make a tutorial of this, so I can learn from you, this is really artistic, congrats!


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